NOTE: AT our East Tennessee meeting on March 27th, we had one attendee who made accusations that MUFON is an arm of the US Government and was being run by a government intelligence agency. He became quite agitated and began using profanity aimed at us. We are NOT associated with the government, nor do we disseminate disinformation, nor do we debunk all cases we investigate. Actually, we strive to prove the validity of cases in a sincere desire to know the truth. We are all volunteers and do not get compensation. Actually, we purchase our own equipment and are trained on our own time at our personal expense. We do not put forth conspiracy theories or validate any personal feelings towards the phenomena of "Ufology". We base our investigations on truth and science. Each of us have our own personal beliefs, experiences, sightings, and more, however, our investigations are based on scientific forensic principles. 

MUFON Tennessee Monthly Meetings

East Tennessee Section

Hello, at long last, we have scheduled an East Tennessee meeting. It is set for Thursday, July 10th, at the Bearden Branch Library. We will have a special presentation and invite all to our meeting, free of charge!

Bearden Branch Library
100 Golfclub Rd, Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 588-8813

We will also have meetings in different East TN locations, such as Oak Ridge, Maryville, and other areas in and around Knoxville. Please contact us at if interested and we can possibly facilitate that. We are also looking for members to start meetings in your area. Not a member? Join MUFON at Joining entitles you to an issue of the MUFON Journal monthly and to be part of the MUFON family in TN and the world. Yes, MUFON is a worldwide organization. We here at TN MUFON would like nothing more than monthly meetings in each area of the State. That will require more involvement from all members, existing and likely members. Our meetings are free and open to the public!
Middle Tennessee Section

Exciting news in Middle Tennessee!
We have been trying for the last several years to get a MUFON presence in the Nashville area. A few months ago we found a person that volunteered to take on the roll of "organizer" and to help with this task.
Her name is Denise Siegel. Denise lives in the Nashville area and has been a MUFON Member for many years in California and has recently moved to Middle Tennessee. Denise will be organizing regular monthly MUFON Meetings in the Nashville area. Denise is a very capable person who is working hard to get this project up and running.  Hopefully within the next few weeks we will be hosting regular monthly meetings. 
If you have an interest in UFO's and the UFO phenomena in general and live in Middle Tennessee, plan to attend these meetings, please contact Denise at
the following Email address for further information and updates:
Additionally, Denise has some intriguing photos and information below.
West Tennessee Section

Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month. The meetings are from 1PM to 3PM. Our State Director, Eddie Middelton, hosts the meetings. All are welcome, members and non. Meetings are free and informative!

The Memphis Section of TN MUFON will meet from 1pm to 3pm at The Republic Coffee House in the Community Meeting Room, located at 4924 Walnut Grove RD.

our State Director, Eddie Middleton

A message from Max Mitchell, our Assistant State Director and Chief Investigator

The Spring of 2013 came in like a Lion and seems to be going out like a far as UFO Sighting Reports in Tennessee! In March we saw a higher than normal number of reported sightings, but has tapered off considerably as we moved through April and into May. I suspect weather may be a factor. We have had some very positive things happening.
Steve White is featured in a recent Cable Channel Documentary about an Alien Abduction he investigated several years ago. It is the Thomas and Mathew Reed Multi-Generational Abduction Case. It is one of the best Documentaries I've seen in recent years!
Steve has also put together a Mufon Group in the Knoxville area, with the help of Daniel Gillars and Doug Kimzey. The Group seems to be growing monthly, attracting new members and interest in the UFO phenomena. Hats off to those guys for their dedication and hard work. I would also like to acknowledge Doug Kimzey for serving on MUFON's Science Review Board. Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Board.
Also recently we had a Crop circle appear in Gray Tn. We have the honor of the first crop circle reported in the world for 2013. Tennessee is still consistently ranked at 100% in the MUFON CMS System due to the dedication and hard work of all our Field Investigators. Thanks to all for making my job a pleasure!

A message from the editor

We need your help in Tennessee with your suggestions and ideas for content here on the website. What do you want to see? Do you have articles you want to post? Let us know at

Thank you for your support!

Steven White
Tennessee MUFON
Public Relations/Editor/Field Investigator, State Section Director
Director of Professional Standards, MUFON HQ
Case Assistance Group (CAG)
Follow The, for updates on cases of interest, UFO news, and all kinds of UFO related articles and info. Roger Marsh is running the site and is doing an excellant job in Ufology, also working with MUFON and he is the Editor of the MUFON Journal. Check it out!

welcome to denise siegel, our new Middle Tennessee Coordinater. 

Denise Siegel is a longtime member of MUFON who recently moved from California to Middle Tennessee. She is starting a new Middle Tennessee Section and will be up and running with meetings soon. The following photos were taken by her over Nolensville, Tennessee on 3/31/14. The Chemtrails were so dramatic they were the tipping point she needed to believe there was something beyond normal about it. When she looked at the photos more carefully, she noticed that 3 of the 4 had the silver spheres she had seen in Nolensville a few different times in the last 8 months.  She has talked to a couple who lives east of here who have also seen these same strange spheres. The photos are black and white so the spheres are white although they were actually silver. Later that day she saw a military vehicle driving through town and 2 black helicopters that she also took pictures of.
Dramatic chemtrails?
The Calvary enroute?

Great pictures, Denise! Thank you!

Chemtrails, or vapor trails?
Spheres are bright
Something nefarious? Hmmm?

News & Updates

Have you seen MUFON's new show, Hangar 1??? Check it out on the History Channel.

TN MUFON featured in Reed Case on new show, Alien Mysterieson Destination America Channel.

A compelling case of alien abduction which occurred over many years in many States, to a multi-generational family is featured in a new show, Alien Mysteries. This show is on Destination America Channel and is being shown sporadically. TN MUFON has a STAR Team Investigator who investigated this case on the show, Steven White. Check it out and let us know what you think!
The show is on Youtube in full. Below is the link.

Meet Our Team!

Who are we? Check out the photos and bios on our Field Investigator Pages to find out!