Posted on December 30th, 2011

So, another year gone by. Another year of no proof of E.T. or UFO's. I challenge you all to comment on whatever, the Mayan Calender ending, the end of Earth, are Aliens here? Why? How involved is the US Government with E.T., or, are they? Is E.T. pulling the strings in exchange for weapons, technology, medical knowledge? Seems they could have cured cancer for us. Or, given us an alternative fuel source. Or, have they? Have you heard we have military bases on the Moon? Have you heard there is intelligent humanoid life on Mars? And we have military bases there too, on Mars? How is Bigfoot, ghosts, and Angels and/or Demons intertwined with E.T.? Or, are they? Does E.T. have hybrids or disguised Aliens within our own government? Is that why the world wants one world government with socialism running us all? Or, is this all crazy talk? Is Ufology another form of religion? How many UFO sightings are actually military top secret or not so top secret aircraft? Are cattle mutilations caused by E.T.? Why? What about crop circles?
Millions of questions. I challenge you all to provide an answer. And some proof to back it up. Beliefs are one thing, proof is another. I've yet to see concrete proof of any of this. I hear so many claims, women breast feeding alien babies, 28 races of aliens....28? Really? How does one know that? Do the aliens tell people that directly? Prove it. Take a picture of an alien breast feeding on a human female.
Okay, the ball is in your court!



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