Glimpse of fullerenes

The discovery of atoms and its uses are still not completely finished, many atoms are still to be discovered.  In this earth, there are many atoms which amaze the people by its properties and uses in the day to day life.  Fullerenes are one such atom that astounds the people with its properties, types and its benefits.  Not many people were aware of this atom. If you are one amongst the people with the lower knowledge about these atoms, you have landed on the right place.  In this article, you will get a glimpse of what a fullerene is and their practical applications.


Along with the graphite and diamond, the fullerenes are also a third form of the carbon but you can find different properties between these atoms. It has unique physical and chemical properties and one of the unique atoms found on the earth.  The fullerene is generally found on the forms such as hollow sphere, ellipsoid and tube. It is believed that these atoms posses many shapes besides these above mentioned three.  While speaking about the shapes of the fullerene atoms,   structure is another thing to be discussed obligatory. Leaving them untouched is more like a sin.  Its structure is similar to the structure of the graphite. Since it resembles the structure of the football, it is often referred as buck balls by the people who are well aware of it.

Many people have the doubts about the practical application of the fullerenes. They are used in many departments such as paintwork materials, cosmetology, automotive industry, coatings, lubricants, electronics, powder metallurgy etc. the research and development sectors are still analyzing this compound to find the complete use of this material on the daily life.  When it comes to buying the fullerenes, you must reach the authenticated producer of fullerenes.

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