WORLD UFO DAY FESTIVAL!!!! July 2, 2015, Memphis, TN
See poster below for all the info! Come out for an out of this world experience!

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MUFON Tennessee Monthly Meetings

East Tennessee Section

Our next two East Tennessee meetings are now confirmed. They will be:
Thursday April 30 , 2015 
Thursday May 28 , 2015
Both will be from 6:00 PM until 8 PM. We are having it at:
Bearden Branch Library
Address: 100 Golfclub Road,
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone:(865) 588-8813(865) 588-8813(865) 588-8813(865) 588-8813

​We will have  a presentation, MUFON Business, and an open topic forum for all.
Please join us for an interesting evening.

Middle Tennessee Section

VERY exciting news in Middle Tennessee!
We have been trying for the last several years to get a MUFON presence in the Nashville area. A few months ago we found a person that volunteered to take on the roll of "organizer" and to help with this task.
Her name is Denise Siegel. Denise lives in the Nashville area and has been a MUFON Member for many years in California and has recently moved to Middle Tennessee. Denise put together a meeting in Nashville on August 29, and has another now scheduled! See below!!!!
She has started a Facebook page for Middle TN. It is:
Click on picture on the left!
West Tennessee Section

This months meeting will be held June 13th at:
MUFON Meeting Sat, Jun 13, 2015, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Communal Table at Residence Inn Memphis East
6141 Old Poplar Pike, Memphis, TN 38119

our State Director, Eddie Middleton


Hey all members, Field Investigators, non-members. I wish to welcome you all to our website and to the Tennessee MUFON community.  I am happy to announce our Chief Investigator, Max Mitchell, who was out for a short while with a serious illness, is recovering quite well and is almost brand new! Hopefully he will return soon! We missed you Max! 

Our middle TN Chapter recently got up and running by a long time member, Denise Siegal. Denise had a middle TN MUFON meeting on August 29th, and has plans for a second meeting on October 3rd. See above notice for the details! Thank you Denise, for a job well done! 

As usual, we could use your help in our meetings and events. MUFON is an all volunteer organization and depends on it's members for all aspects of our mission. 

We need your help in Tennessee with your suggestions and ideas for content here on the website. What do you want to see? Do you have articles you want to post? Let us know at
Thank you for your support!

Steven White
Tennessee MUFON
Assistant State Director/PR Director
Director of Professional Standards, MUFON HQ
Case Assistance Group (CAG)
Follow The, for updates on cases of interest, UFO news, and all kinds of UFO related articles and info. Roger Marsh is running the site and is doing an excellant job in Ufology, also working with MUFON and he is the Editor of the MUFON Journal. Check it out!

welcome to denise siegel, our new Middle Tennessee Coordinater. 

Denise Siegel is a longtime member of MUFON who recently moved from California to Middle Tennessee. She is starting a new Middle Tennessee Section and will be up and running with meetings soon. The following photos were taken by her over Nolensville, Tennessee on 3/31/14. The Chemtrails were so dramatic they were the tipping point she needed to believe there was something beyond normal about it. When she looked at the photos more carefully, she noticed that 3 of the 4 had the silver spheres she had seen in Nolensville a few different times in the last 8 months.  She has talked to a couple who lives east of here who have also seen these same strange spheres. The photos are black and white so the spheres are white although they were actually silver. Later that day she saw a military vehicle driving through town and 2 black helicopters that she also took pictures of.
Dramatic chemtrails?
The Calvary enroute?

Great pictures, Denise! Thank you!

Chemtrails, or vapor trails?
Spheres are bright
Something nefarious? Hmmm?

News & Updates

Breaking News! Our own Tennessee MUFON member, Denise Siegel, has published a book which is now available on Amazon! Denise is our event organizer in Middle Tennessee and has incredible knowledge of the UFO subject! Check it out!!!!
Have you seen MUFON's new show, Hangar 1??? Check it out on the History Channel.

TN MUFON featured in Reed Case on new show, Alien Mysterieson Destination America Channel.

A compelling case of alien abduction which occurred over many years in many States, to a multi-generational family is featured in a new show, Alien Mysteries. This show is on Destination America Channel and is being shown sporadically. TN MUFON has a STAR Team Investigator who investigated this case on the show, Steven White. Check it out and let us know what you think!
The show is on Youtube in full. Below is the link.

Meet Our Team!

Who are we? Check out the photos and bios on our Field Investigator Pages to find out!