business incorporation singapore

Incorporation vs Registration: What should be the choice?

Opening a business is a very tough task. A lot of planning is required to build up the business on its feet. Well, the most important thing in a business incorporation singapore is the right decision that should be taken at the right time. Nevertheless, it never too late, if you are sure of what you are going to do. One of the early decisions one has to take is to go for incorporation or registration. Both has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages to choosing from.

Registering your small business

Registering means to get your business registered to the state or international organization to allow you to conduct your business smoothly. Along with the smooth worlds, they give us certain advantages that sure less likely to be felt without the registration. The benefits are

business incorporation singapore

  1. Your targeted customers are most likely to find you’re and make your revenue go high. The registered candidate is put in a separate listing if you take it that way.
  2. Registering gives you the advantage of business credit cards to get supplies at wholesale rates.

Registrations cost varies depending upon the place you are in and the registrar you are using. However, business incorporation singapore also registers your small business in a very less price.

Incorporation to go public

Incorporation is a very complicated process that needs a lot of time to be involved in this. In this, a lot of advantages are given in return for the trouble that is to be undertaken while incorporation. In here, your personal assets are completely secure in case of bankruptcy of your company. This is not the case in registration. However, business incorporation singapore does all this job in a very efficient way and the price is very less.


The option you chose in here completely depends on the way you want to operate your company. Both have the advantage and disadvantage, so you chose what is required.